'Richard Jensens first comicbook is a strong 'show of skills'. Jensens horrifying story , tells of a young man who gets an uninvited guest in his head. The guest doesn't agree to leave and slowly begins to ruin the hosts life. The black and white comic is a strongly drawn everyday horror-story.' -Sarjainfo

The Apartment was released in 300 copies in the spring of 2015. It is a story of a young hard-working man who must suffer a self-invited couch surfer living in his heard. A middleclass nightmare. The comic can be ordered from my webshop and also bought at the following places:

Turku: Turun Sarjakuvakauppa; Tampere: ForgetMeNot; Porvoo: Riverside Records, Porvoon Taidetehdas.

Berlin: Modern Graphics, Staalplaat.

Copenhagen: CMYKld.


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